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19 September 2020 @ 03:19 am

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selfish love is the type we share
22 October 2015 @ 10:22 pm
Hi, writer! I'm so sorry to leave you with a placeholder for a letter but I'm somewhat behind. I hope to have my letter up within the week.

Dear Yuletide Writer,

We matched! Yay! I’m really glad you’re up for writing fic for these fandoms and thank you so much for writing for me. I’m really excited to read whatever you write.

I’m pretty flexible about genre - I’m good for either gen or shippy fic (and I tend to multiship, so unless I’ve designated something as a NOTP here, generally go for it) and I like both angst and happy fic. Really, my main priority in fic that I love is stuff that’s character driven and really explores characters, so that’s what I want above all else

General list of things I like and dislikes (please take the ‘likes’ as a general list of things I’m into, not as a list of things you have to include. If something doesn’t work for your story, please don’t feel any pressure to include it) -

Things I like:

Optimistic endings (especially in very dark stories or fandoms), interactions between women and complex female dynamics, characters making moral choices they wouldn’t want to make due to pressure or circumstances and how they contextualize and deal with that, what-if/canon divergence AU’s, hurt/comfort, domesticity, people working through and surviving difficult circumstances


Porn without plot (including porn/sex scenes is totally cool, but I’d rather not have it be the whole focus of the story), any kind of modern AU or setting-change AU, possessiveness, jealousy, other creepy behaviors in a relationship being presented positively, character bashing, especially towards women (as in characters disliking other characters they like in canon, if there’s canonical dislike, that’s fine), heavily kinky stuff, BDSM, watersports, scat, etc., A/B/O, Abuse and/or sexual assault that’s not already part of canon (dealing with a character’s feelings around canonical abuse or assault is totally fine)

The Americans

Characters: Nina Sergeevna Krylova

I just find Nina so endlessly fascinating as a character. I would really love to read something about her backstory, since the show hasn’t really touched on that much. We know she has a family she cares about, so I’d love to see an exploration of her past. It’s so interesting to me that she’s incredibly pragmatic and certainly can be very ruthless in service of her own survival, but she’s also a very young woman seeking her place in the world, who wants to find love and stability (her asking Stan if Anna Karenina giving “her heart, her life” to Vronsky made her a “whore” was very interesting to me because it said a lot on how Nina views love despite her pragmatism). I’d love to read something that sheds some light on her past and her joining the KGB and her family. Or show what she does next after the series. I’d be very interested to see a Nina out of immediate danger navigating how to live and deal with her trauma and guilt over the things she’s done to stay alive.

I also like Oleg/Nina together, and the surprisingly genuine nature of their relationship, so if you wanted to include them together, that’d be really great to see, but if that doesn’t come up in your story, no big deal - I’d really just like to see some exploration of Nina. (As a note, I am pretty skeeved by the Stan/Nina dynamic, and definitely consider them a NOTP, so while I have no problem with Stan or Nina’s feelings about Stan being included since it’s a part of her story, I’d rather not see that given a positive spin or made the focus.)

Resources: Can be streamed on google play or amazon.com

Marco Polo

Characters: Kokachin

I was really pleasantly surprised by this series and got really invested in almost all the central characters. But I really would just love to see more exploration of Kokachin in particular. Her character just struck me as so real and human--she’s not a saint, but she’s still a pretty fundamentally decent person and she’s so fascinating to me because she’s such a survivor - she’s gone on and kept living despite so many terrible awful things happening to her and despite nearly losing the will to live.

I’d be really interested to see fic about her going forward and how everything that’s happened to her shapes her going ahead. She told Za Bing to spare Tulga’s life, then Tulga ended up nearly murdering her and killing Za Bing - does that make her less inclined towards compassion and mercy in future? Or not? And I find it so interesting that she’s now part of this family that has been so destructive to her. How does that affect her going forward? How does she feel about the idea of having children who will be meant to carry on this legacy? How does she get along with Jingim--as we’ve seen it, he’s a pretty decent husband, but still the son and heir to this family who has wrecked her life, so that dynamic could be super interesting going forward (I’m good with either shippy or completely not shippy, wherever your fic takes you, but I think that dynamic could be fascinating to explore). In addition, I actually found her relationship with Marco really poignant--they’re both trapped and very much alone and that drew them to each other, so if you wanted to include some exploration of that, that’d be great? But no pressure at all if you don’t want to do that--like I said, I’m always happy with gen and I know it’s not a popular ship, so I don’t want you to feel obligated to write something you don’t like.

(As a side note, I find it REALLY fascinating that Jingim’s widow Kokejin served as regent and then was apparently a very influential figure during her son’s reign, so if you wanted to incorporate that, that would be great. But please don’t feel obligated, if you feel that’s more than you want to take on or just would prefer to go in another direction, that’s totally cool.)

I’d also love to see something that fills in the gaps left by canon. How did she and Za Bing get to be so close, considering we don’t see him at all in the scenes of the Bayaut siege? Did he know her before she was Kokachin or did she end up confiding her secret in him? What was her relationship like with the real Kokachin? Is her personality as we see it now influenced by/mimicking her friend? What was she like before she started living as Kokachin? Etc. I’d really just love to see any exploration of her.

Resources: The whole series is available streaming on netflix. Sadly, I don’t think it can be obtained legally without a netflix subscription.

Hamilton (Miranda)
Characters: Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, Aaron Burr

I love so many characters in this play but these two just left a really lasting impression on me. I find it really intriguing how they’re both the storytellers of the play and probably the most passive characters in many ways--but when they do act, they do so completely decisively and in a way that has a major impact on the narrative. I love Eliza because of her compassion and her resilience and her strength and the enduring effect she has on the narrative. And I find Burr so interesting in his contradictions--being a pretty unscrupulous politician but still such a sympathetic figure.

I would love fic about them either separately or together, tbh. I’m aware that these are two characters who don’t interact in canon, so centering a fic on their interactions might be hard, and I’d honestly love gen fic for either of them. I’d love to see glimpses of Eliza’s life before, during and after the play, what her childhood was like, her conversations with Angelica after the Reynolds thing goes down, a look at her life after the play. And Burr’s personal life and especially the relationships with the women in it interests me so much--he calls his mother a genius, which is fascinating considering so often in fiction male characters look to their fathers alone for legacy. And then the elder Theodosia and his behaving in a way that’s so against how he usually behaves for her. Plus the younger Theodosia and anything about their relationship.

HOWEVER, if you DO want to put them both in one fic, I would love that a whole lot. I’d actually love some kind of AU pairing them together, as it really interests me how in many ways they have similar positions (both being the effective storytellers of the play and spending most of their lives waiting and biding their time) despite the obviously major differences in morals and attitudes they have. Like, if you did an “Eliza and Burr get married” AU, I would love that. (With the caveat that it definitely wouldn’t have to be happy or even entirely shippy! But I think it’d be super interesting. Would she be able to respect and support his aims the way she did for Alexander before he alienated her or would his lack of scruples put her off? Etc.) If you don’t want to do something shippy, gen with both of them also be super interesting--possibly them meeting after Alexander’s death, her giving him a piece of her mind, etc.? Go wild.

Resources: The soundtrack is available streaming on spotify or can be purchased on itunes. I personally haven’t seen the stage show, so if you have, that’s great, but if not, you’re on the same page as me.

Kings (TV 2009)

Characters: Michelle Benjamin

This series ended way too soon and left me with so many questions. I’m really disappointed by not getting to see where the characters got to go, and I’d particularly love to see some resolution for Michelle.

I’d love to see how motherhood changes her and her having to look out for herself as opposed to dedicating her life to others. I wouldn’t mind seeing her become more selfish. I’m not looking for ‘Michelle suddenly becomes exactly like every other member of her family and starts killing people’ but it’d be interesting to see her looking out for herself more and being more concerned about herself, especially since that’s not what she planned/wanted for herself. How does Michelle feel about lying to the public, and living a life of self-preservation rather than service? How does this affect her relationships with her family? Etc. I’d also love to see more exploration of her and Jack because I feel like that’s one of the few dynamics that got the short shaft in the show, and their camaraderie was really interesting given how messed up and broken pretty much every other Benjamin family dynamic was.

I did like her and David together but I find it intriguing that the Biblical Michal eventually was disgusted by David and ended up being estranged from him. That’d be really fascinating to figure in - does David become more like Silas and is she morally repulsed by him? Is it something else? Does the Bathsheba thing happen? But it’d also be interesting if they did manage to retain some amount of love for each other, even through conflict or possible estrangement.

Resources: Can be streamed on google play or amazon.
selfish love is the type we share
16 February 2015 @ 04:45 am
Hi, author! I am thrilled for what you write. I’m really excited that you’re interested in some of the same characters that I am and I’m sure I’ll love what you write. Any suggestions I give in this letter are mostly guidelines and thoughts, so if your fic doesn’t incorporate anything I talk about here, that’s totally fine and I hope nothing I write here seems intimidating. I’m just really excited to see fic about any of these characters and I hope you have fun with this exchange.

My likes are pretty broad. For most fandoms (with the exception of the ones where I’ve specified otherwise) either gen or shippy fic is fine. Smut is welcome, if you’re up for it, but not at all required. Mostly I just want to read something that explores these characters in a meaningful, interesting way - if you’re interested in any of these women, I guarantee I’ll be happy with what you have.

Things I don’t like:

  • Modern AUs for historical fandoms, or any AU that would drastically change backstory and characterization. (Canon divergence is fine.)

  • Character bashing - building in characters canonically disliking each other is fine, but not in a way that goes above and beyond that and into rewriting a character’s feelings for an author’s preferences.

  • Detailed scenes about rape or abuse. I’m completely okay with exploring emotional effects with characters who are canonically survivors of abuse or rape (i.e. Jane Eyre or Mei Lin), but I’d rather not see anything added beyond what’s canon or really detailed scenes.

  • Canon ships being invalidated (i.e. a character realizing they NEVER had real feelings for another character they’re canonically portrayed as having real feelings for or portraying said feelings as having been an act). If you dislike any ship, you’re under no pressure to include it, and obviously there are some characters here who are in some pretty unhealthy relationships, but no actively changing or erasing a character’s feelings.

  • Totally bleak fic that’s wall to wall suffering. (With allowances for canon : for really dark fandoms or character arcs, working within that is fine and expected and I’m not asking you to write me fix-it or happy ending fic. But I don’t really want excessive angst where it’s avoidable.)

  • Anything overly fluffy.

Character(s): Mei Lin, Kokachin

I love pretty much all the women on this show, but Mei Lin and Kokachin are my two faves so I’d love to see anything exploring either of them (or both of them! totally optional considering they don’t interact in canon and it’d be a bit of a stretch but if you did find a way to incorporate them both into one fic I would shriek a lot). I’d really like to see more exploration of Kokachin’s backstory - what was she like when she was a servant? How much of her current personality is what she’s always been like and how much of it is a function of her false identity? She’s such an endlessly fascinating character to me with so many layers that we’ve yet to fully explore, so I’d love anything going deeper.

Since so much of her Mei Lin’s arc was about her suffering and being abused, I’d love to read something where she ends up coming out on top and gains more control over her life. I’d also like to see her gaining more allies who genuinely respect her and treat her as an equal. She’s just been through so much and I’d really like to see her gaining power and not being at the mercy of others.

I have a lot of ships for this show and I’d be happy to see any of them, but I’d also be totally good with gen fic about either woman. I shipped Mei Lin/Jing Fei a lot and they ended up basically breaking my heart, so I’d love to see anything with them. I also ended up shipping Mei Lin/Ahmad by the end of the season and would love to see that. I do ship Marco/Kokachin quite a lot (it’s probably my major OTP for the show, because I’m a sap) and I’d also be interested to see Kokachin/Jingim, because I think that relationship has potential to be really interesting. There’s the awfulness of her being forced to marry the son of her captors and a member of the family who slaughtered her people, but I can’t see Jingim being terrible to her, so I’d be interested in any kind of exploration of how that relationship plays out. I’d also like to see stuff about how she ends up relating to his other wives, especially Sorga, so interactions between them would be great to see.

RESOURCES: Streaming on netflix.

Character(s): Rachael Tyrell

Rachael is one of my all-time favorite characters. I find her so compelling and heartbreaking, and I’d really love anything exploring her or her mindset before, during or after the movie. There are so many questions about her that could potentially be explored. How does she differ from the other replicants (the movie implies she’s a newer and maybe more advanced model, so I’d be interested in extrapolating on that)? What’s the life she thought she led as Tyrell’s niece, and how does she come to feel about that after learning it’s fake? What is her relationship to Tyrell himself and how does it alter when she learns the truth? I’d just love to see anything exploring her character, because I think she’s so fascinating, but at the same time, there’s so much more to explore.

My one real caveat is that I’m really creeped out by Rachael/Deckard and don’t want to see it portrayed as desirable or romantic. Including their relationship and her feelings for him is fine, because it’s canon, but I’d prefer not to see their relationship idealized in any way.

RESOURCES: Can be rented on amazon and/or google play for $2.99. I don’t think it’s legally available for free anywhere on the internet, sadly.

Character(s): Tae-ju

I love this movie so, so much and a large part of why I love it is because of Tae-ju’s character. She’s lived this life of pretty unending degradation and abuse (she may have been lying about Kang-woo’s physical abuse towards her, but her life was still pretty miserable) and when she finally gets a chance to be in control, she becomes a complete monster. She’s one of the most believable and compelling female villains I’ve seen in a movie in a really long time, and I’d love to read pretty much anything exploring her. I’d like to see an AU where she doesn’t die at the end, because I thought the ending completely worked for the movie but she had such a short time of being in control and I’d love a fic where she gets to live. I also shipped Tae-ju/Sang-hyun a lot, so anything incorporating them as a pair would be great. Honestly, I loved pretty much everything about this movie and Tae-ju, so anything you write about her, I’d love to read.

RESOURCES: Available for $2.99 on google play.

Character(s): Jane Eyre, Adele Varens, Bertha Mason

I’d be really happy with anything exploring any and all of these women. Jane is one of my all time favorite characters and pretty much anything involving her, future fic, backstory, or whatever, would make me happy. I would really love to see anything giving Bertha the due she wasn’t given in canon, incorporating Wide Sargasso Sea in some way would be GREAT, because I love that book, but not required at all. I'd really just be happy with anything that portrays her as a complex and sympathetic human being. And I always loved Adele and would like to see something exploring her as she gets older. What kind of attitude will she end up having to her upbringing and her father? What kind of woman will she become? What kind of life will she live? Anything working in the relationships between any of these three and how they interact is great too. I find pretty much every dynamic here between these three ladies totally fascinating so I’d love to see any of them explored.

This is one fandom where I don’t really want heavily shippy fic - incorporating canon ships to some degree is fine, but mostly I’m just interested in exploring these three women as characters, so I’d prefer gen.

RESOURCES: The book is in the public domain and is free on gutenberg.org, physical copies are pretty readily available at a bookstore or your library. The 2011 movie is streaming on netflix.
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26 October 2014 @ 03:06 pm


Essentially, I realized I'll be going for a month without being able to write fanfic so this ficathon (for me, anyway) is intended to be a last blast of just having fun before knuckling under for November. Whether you want to get in some fanfic writing before nano, want to warm up your writing muscles, or aren't participating in nano at all but want to write for a comment ficathon, this is for you! All fandoms are totally welcome.


  1. You don't have to be participating in nano to participate here. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your November plans.

  2. One prompt per fill, please, so things don't get too messy.

  3. Format prompts as "fandom, character/pairing, prompt". Prompts can be anything you like.

  4. Warn for triggering content.

  5. Link fills to the fill thread below.

  6. Have fun! There really aren't any rules for what you can write here, just prompt what you want and have a blast.

selfish love is the type we share
30 January 2013 @ 05:36 am
Title: the rosary, her lips and tongue
Fandom: Les Miserables
Pairings/Characters: Marius Pontmercy/Cosette Fauchelevent
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2353
Summary: During his recovery, Cosette and Marius experiment and become closer. She would like to tell him that she will keep him alive, that the barricade is gone, that she will pull him to earth, but she holds back, doesn’t want to dispel whatever tentative thing they’ve made here.
Notes: Written for the lj porn battle.

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selfish love is the type we share
12 January 2013 @ 02:20 am


1. any stage and/or movie musicals are welcome (not including disney animated movies with songs, etc).
2. please keep it to one prompt per comment. please format your prompts along the lines of: fandom, pairing, prompt. (eg: les miserables, enjolras/grantaire, do you permit it?)
3. include a title, the pairing, and rating at the top of your comment for fills.
4. please link fills to this thread!
selfish love is the type we share
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19 September 2012 @ 11:27 pm
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18 September 2012 @ 09:55 pm


. Prompt must be focused on a female character or characters from the ASOIAF canon. Any and all female characters are welcome.

02. Prompts may be either gen or pairing specific but if they are het, should be centered around the female partner. Femmeslash is encouraged.

03. Keep it to one prompt per comment.

04. Prompting format: Character(s)/Pairing(s), prompt.

05 Fills go in the filled prompt thread, along with character, pairing, and rating.